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Version: 15.04.2021

So that you and all other players can enjoy our game, we have established rules that apply to everything and everyone in our community. You agree to these Terms of Use by using our services and all other content.

  1. Subject of the contract

    1. The provider
      Chainmonsters is offered by Maximilian Weber, Brensbachweg 12, 51545 Waldbröl, Germany.
    2. Subject matter and scope of the Terms of Use
      These Terms of Use govern the terms and conditions of your use of the game offered, downloadable content, Season Passes and other game software (on disc or other physical physical medium, downloaded or streamed), as well as other Software products and online and mobile services, including their online features and other Features, together with any updates and upgrades. The use includes all associated features and functions, the web interface, the interfaces, and all content and software and software offerings associated with the Game Service. . The Terms of Use include all platforms on which the Game or any of the Services are offered.
    3. Scope of the user license
      With the creation of a user account (see 2.1.) we grant you a highly personal, non-exclusive and non-transferable right to access our services. Further rights or claims are not transferred to you.
  2. Use of our offer / user account

    1. User account creation
      1. You will need to create a user account in order to gain access to certain services and to be able to use the game.
      2. To register a user account you must provide correct, complete and current information, including a valid e-mail address.
      3. In rare cases, we may need to verify the accuracy of this information. This is done to protect minors, other users and to avoid the risk of fraud. You agree to provide, upon request, the necessary documents (copy of your identity card or passport) through specified transmission channels (e.g. mail, e-mail, web form) to us.
    2. Security of your user account
      1. Any use of your user account with your password, in particular any purchase of content, is considered to be made and executed by you.
      2. Observe the following instructions for the security of your user account:
        • Choose a strong alphanumeric password.
          For security reasons, we reserve the right to reject any password that is not strong enough to protect your your user account.
        • Choose a password that is different from all other passwords you use and change it regularly.
        • Enable two-step verification and all other security options we can provide.
        • Never share your account information (username, password...) with third parties. We will never ask you to share your password.
        • Never allow third parties to access and/or use of your user account.
      3. You agree to notify us immediately of any misuse of your user account as soon as you become aware of such a misuse. Misuse also includes the unauthorized use of your access data.
    3. Minimum age
      1. The age regulations are based on the place of residence of the players. The legal requirements must be valid in the respective country. We may restrict access to certain services for age reasons. For minors under a certain age we may allow you to log in only with the consent of your parent or guardian.
      2. To the extent permitted by law, we assume no liability for activities undertaken by minors without the permission of their parents or Guardian. In all cases, the parents or guardians shall be liable for any use of the Services by minors. If you are a parent or parent or legal guardian and have given your child permission to register for the Services, you agree to the terms of your child's use of the Services by your child.
    4. More about your user account:
      1. Your player name will be associated with your user account and will be displayed publicly. We therefore recommend that you, not include your real name in your username.
      2. You may not choose a username that is already used by another user or is associated with another user account. We reserve the right to reject any username you choose at our sole discretion.
  3. Rules of conduct

    1. By using our services, you accept the rules of conduct. These serve to create and maintain a friendly, safe and fair community. We will control unacceptable behavior (3.2) and sanction violations (3.3).
    2. Improper Conduct:
      1. Registration with incorrect user data (2.1.2)
      2. Creation of an unsuitable user account. Unsuitable is a user account in particular, if this contains obscenities, sexual innuendos or linguistic elements of hate speech or in which terrorism, fascism or child abuse is tacitly accepted. Also unsuitable are accounts which are in any way religious or politicalor which may incite or cause controversy or division. We reserve the right to make the final interpretation.
      3. Creation of a fraudulent user account. A user account is fraudulent in particular if it is very similar to an existing user account/user with the clear intention of impersonating that other user without without permission, or to posting of comments or the creation of a user account that gives the impression to other users, that they come from our representative or from someone with similar authority. We reserve the exclusive right to make the final interpretation.
      4. Abuse, harassment, bullying of users and/or our representatives through any type of Communication that our services provide. At the following types of conduct, among others, are included:
        1. Trolling: Posting of controversial opinions or off-topic related to the topic with the intention of provoking others.
        2. Flaming: repeatedly insulting other people
        3. Spamming: repeated posting of meaningless, off-topic, identical or similar topic, always the same or similar messages
        4. The use of language or content that is considered inappropriate, illegal, dangerous, threatening, abusive, obscene, sexually explicit, vulgar, defamatory, invasive of privacy, hateful, racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, ethically offensive, or be considered harassment.
      5. Endangerment of minors. This includes all actions in connection with inappropriate behavior towards minors, in particular physical or sexual abuse, pornography or other disrespectful content, as well as any other actions or Rules of Conduct or comments that are directed at or involve minors.
      6. Any selling, renting, marketing, editing, modify, decompile, disassemble, reverse engineer, translate Engineering, translating, adapting, reproducing, Distribute, disseminate, repost, transmit, indexing, copying, extracting, and/or automating of any information, software, products or other elements of the Game and/or the Services by any means without our express prior consent.
      7. Collecting or intercepting data from other users through means not expressly permitted or facilitated by us. or enabled by us. This includes:
        1. Phishing: obtaining personal data, user information or other information of other persons.
        2. Sniffing: Intercepting data by capturing network traffic.
        3. Doxing: Gathering personal information to identify individuals
      8. The use or disclosure of any information or content that violates our intellectual property rights and that violates a duty of confidentiality, violates an individual's right to privacy or to commit an unauthorized act (e.g. piracy, cracking or distribution of counterfeit software). software).
      9. Interfering with, slowing down, altering, encumbering, or Impeding our services. This includes both our offer as well as that of third parties commissioned by us. In particular DDoS attacks in particular violate the user agreement and can justify claims for damages and be prosecuted under criminal law.
      10. The distribution of malicious software to us or to The users of our service. Malicious software includes any software that interferes with normal operations in an unintentionally, interfere with, prevent, or perform functions without our explicit consent. This includes in particular: Viruses, Trojans, worms, miners, etc.
      11. The use of cheats, bots, hacks, and other automation programs that provide an unfair advantage in the game or interfere with the gaming experience of other users' gaming experience.
      12. The exploitation of program errors (glitches, bugs) to facilitate the progress of the game, which give an unfair advantage or interfere with the game experience of other users.
      13. Any behavior that disrupts the general flow of the game. In particular, any behavior that interferes with or hinders your gaming experience.
      14. The unauthorized connections provision, establishment or maintenance of an unauthorized Connection to the Platform, and/or the Game Client. Any connection to an unauthorized server that emulates or attempts to emulate the Platform, and any connection using programs or tools from third-party programs or tools that are not expressly authorized are.
      15. Buying, selling and giving away free of charge in-game items on marketplaces that do not comply with our policies. Our guideline for Operating a Marketplace can be found at: https://playchainmonsters.com/third-party
      16. The circumvention of regional restrictions, e.g. by specifying a wrong country, the use of VPN, proxy or other services.
      17. The inappropriate use of our support. Inappropriate is the use in particular, if nonsensical, false or spam messages are sent to our support or if a message is sent more than once.
      18. The incorrect specification / cancellation of credit card information, which may result in a chargeback.
      19. The purchase, sale, rental, loan of your user account or your game progress to another user in a manner, Any manner not explicitly authorized by us.
      20. Failure to follow instructions from our representatives.
    3. Sanctions:
      1. In the event of violations of the rules of conduct, sanctions will be imposed. The sanctions are decided on a case-by-case basis on the basis of several criteria. The criteria include in particular the severity and the number of violations and the consequences of the violations for the Services, for other users and/or our representatives.
      2. Non-exhaustive list of Sanction possibilities:
        1. Issuance of a warning,
        2. Locking a username or password,
        3. Reset your in-game progress to a previous state.
        4. Lowering your in-game level,
        5. Withdrawal / deletion of in-game currency, items or other changes to your user account.
        6. Blocking your access to certain functions,
        7. Temporary blocking of your user account,
        8. Long-term blocking of your user account,
        9. Preventing access on a specific device,
        10. Suspension or closure of your user account. (5.).
      3. We reserve the right to take legal action within the scope of civil or criminal liability, we reserve the right to take legal action to stop a breach of your legal or contractual obligations and to obtain compensation for our losses. In particular, we will criminally prosecute a user who intentionally harms or attempts to harm the services , or who interferes with the lawful operation of the Services or has supported such obstruction.
  4. Reporting violations

    1. If you have observed behavior by other players that it does not comply with our Terms of Use, you can report it.
    2. Please use our support chat, which you can find on our website, or the public Discord server.
    3. In order to process reports, we need your contact information, time and location of the violation, user or real name of the user in question, and the nature of the violation.
  5. Cancellation of your user account

    1. You can delete your user account at any time on your own initiative. For this you have to write a request to the support: support@bsidegames.com
    2. Termination of your user account by our initiative.
      Cancellation and deletion of your user account is possible at any time through our sole discretion. In particular, your user account may be be terminated:
      1. Of you have not provided proof of identity have provided proof of identity (2.1.3.),
      2. If you violate any of the provisions of these Terms of Use (3.3.), or
      3. If we have reasonable grounds to suspect that you are in breach of these Terms of Use,
      4. For any other reason related to your conduct Inside or outside the Services,
      5. If your user account has been inactive for more than six months. The user will be notified two weeks before the deletion of his account to the e-mail address stored in the system. about the upcoming deletion.
    3. If you or we terminate your user account, it follows, That:
      1. you can no longer use the services and content.
      2. you lose access to your profile. This includes all related information that you have submitted to us you have submitted to us, along with any content that you have published, uploaded or made available on the Services provided.
      3. We reserve the right to use personal information in connection with your profile for a reasonable period of time as set forth in our Privacy Policy
      4. we may, at our discretion, refuse to allow you to re-create a user account to deny you the creation of a new user account without our explicit consent.
      5. after the termination of your user account you no longer have access to your user account. You will lose all your saved files and in-game progress.
      6. You will not be credited or converted to cash or any other form of refund.
  6. Change of our offer
    1. We do not guarantee a minimum duration of our service and reserve the right to terminate the service at any time.
    2. We reserve the right to change the prices of the services, including from a a paid service to a free-to-play service and vice versa.
    3. The content of the Game and the availability may change at any time and in particular due to technical reasons.
    4. You may be required to download software, updates, patches and/or other utilities and tools provided by us.
  7. Data collection and storage
    1. When you use our services, we collect a wide variety of data in order to provide our service. Furthermore we use this data for future improvements of our services.
    2. The following data may be collected:
      1. Your full name / username
      2. Your e-mail address
      3. Date and length of game sessions
      4. Information about in-game actions
      5. Information about your game progress
      6. Purchases both in-game and through the websites
      7. Friends list
      8. Geolocation based on your IP address
      9. Technical data about the individual devices with which You access our Services, including: Internet and/or network connection (including IP address); the identifier of a mobile device; your Operating System, browser type or other software; or your Hardware or other technical data.
  8. Limitation of liability
    1. Insofar as a fee is demanded for services, we shall only be liable for damages only in the case of intent and gross negligence. In the event of breach of essential contractual obligations, we shall also be liable in the event of in case of slight negligence. Under essential contractual obligations, also so-called cardinal obligations within the meaning of the jurisdiction, shall be understood to be those obligations that make the proper execution of the contract and on whose fulfillment of which the user may rely on.
    2. Insofar as services are rendered free of charge, the provider shall only be liable for damages caused by gross negligence or damage caused intentionally.
    3. In the event of a breach of material contractual obligations, the contractual obligations is limited to the foreseeable damage.
    4. The above limitations of liability shall not apply liability for injury to life, limb and health or in the case of or in the event of the assumption of a guarantee by the provider or the liability under the Produkthaftungsgesetz. The liability of the Provider within the scope of application of § 44a TKG remains unaffected.
    5. We are not liable in the event of force majeure. Force majeure acts, events, omissions or accidents beyond our reasonable control. accidents that are beyond our reasonable control, such as strikes, failure of a telecommunications network force majeure, war, riot, pandemic, malicious damage to property, compliance with any Laws or governmental orders, accident, fire, flood, or failure of subcontractors, in the performance of our obligations or the conduct of our business.
  9. Other regulations
    1. Subject to change
      We reserve the right to change these terms of use, in particular due to a change in the law or in order to better the functionality of our services. Changes to these terms of use will be sent to the e-mail address you have provided, enclosing the new version. You will be deemed to have accepted the changes if you do not object to the change within a period of four weeks after receipt of the notification of change. For this purpose it is sufficient to send an e-mail to us.
    2. Applicable law

      The law of the Federal Republic of Germany shall apply to the exclusion of the UN Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (CISG) and excluding the conflict of laws.

      For disputes with natural persons the legal place of jurisdiction, insofar as the general place of jurisdiction is in the Federal Republic of Germany. For disputes pf legal transactions with merchants, legal entities under public law or legal persons under public law or special funds under public law, the exclusive jurisdiction of the court of Trier is agreed.

    3. Severability clause

      Should any provision of this contract be or become invalid, the remaining validity of the remaining provisions shall not be affected thereby. In place of the ineffective/void provision, the parties shall agree on such a provision which comes closest to the purpose intended by the invalid/void provision. This shall also apply for the filling of any gaps in the contract.

    4. Refund of digital purchases

      Due to technical processes in conjunction with the tokenization (NFTs) of our game and digital rewards and their permanence, we are unable to process refunds unless the purchase in question e.g. Alpha Access has not been claimed already.

  10. Contact person / Responsible for the content
    1. If you have any questions about our terms of use, please contact our support: support@bsidegames.com
    2. Responsible for the preparation of the terms of use is Mr. Steinhauer, attorney at law. Web: attorney-at-law-steinhauer.com; kontakt@rechtsanwalt-steinhauer.de
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